Clara. NFAD 14,8"


Clara is a natural fiber art doll - 14,8 ". She hasn't got a wire skeleton inside her body but she has got wooden joints. She was fullfilled with wool, cleaned and carded at home by me :-)

All her body was needle felted. She's got dark navy eyes, burgundy hair. Wooden knees, wooden elbows gives has some flexibility in legs and arms. She has also a navel and a bum. She has also an anchor on her chest (visible on the last picture) as all my doll which is my signature.

What she wears? crocheted coat with hoodie, crocheted shoes, pants, an undershirt, a linen dress.

The doll will be sent next Monday - all because the summer holidays - I am not at home right now, so sorry...

Please keep in mind that the price is in Euro.

More photos :

Thank you for visiting,

Much of Love,

Aleksandra & Clara balticdolls

Clara. NFAD 14,8"

Clara. NFAD 14,8"

Clara. NFAD 14,8"

Clara. NFAD 14,8"

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