Mon Petit Frère

PDF book to make Petit Fleur 9" and 12" dolls


******Please note that this is a downloadable PDF pattern book, NOT a completed doll or physical book. PDF will be emailed to the winner of the drawing*******

In this downloadable book, you will learn to make either a 9” or 12” Petite Fleur doll through step by step instructions and lots of photos to guide you through the process. This pattern designed for someone with at least minimal sewing or doll making experience. There is also a pattern and instructions to made a underwear and a sleeveless dress for both sized dolls. The pattern is designed to use a pre-made doll wig and gives sources as to where to buy them as well as sources for the other materials needed to make the doll.

Included with  this pattern book is an invitation to a private Facebook group reserved for those who own this pattern book. There you may share your progress and finished dolls as well as ask any questions that may arise. 

I do not discourage selling the occasional doll made from this pattern. I do however require any dolls sold from this pattern (or variants of) to be credited to “pattern by Megan McGinnis of Mon Petit Frère”. Under no circumstances may my pattern be shared or sold. Thank you~ xoxo Megan

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