Rose. NFAD 12,8"

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One day my student gave me a fur as a present. He saw my dollies a day before and wanted to give me some that I could use in the future. I only ask, why are you doing this? He said: this fur is lying at home, it is small so we do not have idea how to use it, maybe you will try... It was hart for me to take, but I didn't want him to be sad being refused. Finally somebody will be happy :-) only winter didn't come... My wish is to make pictures with snow :-) That was the story of fur coat which belongs from now on to Rosie. The fur is so gentle that I had to strenghten it using leather from inside. More over there are extra leather for arm holes. As you can see she is a small gentle doll - only 12,8 - I think not for children under 8 or 10 yo ". 

She is a natural fiber art doll. She has got a wire skeleton from her neck, to her belly, inside her legs and arms, so she can pose differently. She has also wooden knees, so that she could move all her limbs. Her skin was made from Laib Yala cotton.
.She was fullfilled with wool, cleaned and carded at home by me where animals are most welcomed :-) All her body was needle felted many many hours.

She has a medium anchor on her chest - this is my baltic signature given to each doll. Please open the link given below to see the pictures with it . 

She's got dark green eyes, mohair goat hair, knees - made from wooden beading which gives a fine movement, a navel and a bum. 
The shoes yarn was spinned by me :-) 
She is rather slim just like 12 - 16 yo girl. 

What she wears?  pants, trousers, shoes, a jumper, and the fur coat.  
If you would like to give her a home, please remember to make some pictures while she's playing with snow :-) and send them to me :-)

The doll will be send in 2-3 business day. . 

more photos at

Thank you for visiting, 

Much of Love, 

Aleksandra & Rosie

Rose. NFAD 12,8"

Rose. NFAD 12,8"

Rose. NFAD 12,8"

Rose. NFAD 12,8"

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