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Moira and her pet Pearl

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Isn’t she cute?!

Moira is a 13” lil chickpea original with fabric jointed knees. And her sidekick Pearl, the octopus, is just as cute as she is!

Moira has been painstakingly crafted over hours and hours of needlefelting wool to acheive her unique features. She has wire armature in her neck to allow for gentle posing and additional expression.  She is weighted with glass sand pouches in her feet and bottom for a wonderful feel in your hands and cuddled in your lap.

Moira has been created with the finest wool and covered in cotton, swiss laib yala tricot.

Her hair is a fine, black, mohair wig that has been securely sewn down, giving her the whispy hair of a young child.

While Moira is getting older, and venturing out alone, without pearl - her heart still very much desires the security and familiarity of her closest confident. Pearl is always close by and never left alone without a pep talk about behaving herself in Moira’s absence, and an affectionate kiss until her return.

Pearl has been made from cotton interlock, organic cotton velour, embroidered wool felt and gently weighted with glass sand and stuff with the same high quality wool as Moira.

Moira will come home with quite a few garments which can be layered, or interchanged for a wide variety of looks and outfits. All of her garmets have been made from the highest quality natural fibers and incredible art yarn.

A quick list of what she will bring with her :

  • Gorgeously soft, baby alpaca, art yarn undies with handmade wooden button closure.

  • Hand dyed, crocheted ,wool undershirt with vintage, button closure back

  • Cotton plum polkadot socks

  • Grey cotton blend boots with wool felt soles

  • Soft pink layered ballet tulle skirt with cotton lace trim

  • Repurposed cream cotton, button closure top

  • Olive green cotton/silk blend skirt with matching underlay, vintage wooden button closure and grey wool felt accent.

  • Oversized heathered cream crocheted sweather with leather tie

  • Sea blue, swiss dot silk scarf

  • Multi-coloured, felted wool bead necklace

  • And my favorite - a crocheted, heathered mustard coloured teddy bear hat! (in wool as well)

Moira is a little ray of sunshine, I promise. Just try and walk by her without smiliing ;) I just know she will find her perfect home.

Though Moira has been very carefully created with great attention to detail and quality - she is recommended for the adult collector, or older child with gentle, loving hands.

Thank you so very much for your support of lil chickpea and visiting Moira and Pearl!

Please allow 5 business days for me to say goodbye and help these two pack their things for their new home.

Shipping within Canada and the U.S $30. Includes tracking and insurance.

Shipping overseas will be invoiced separately for exact costs.

Moira and her pet Pearl

Moira and her pet Pearl

Moira and her pet Pearl

Moira and her pet Pearl

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