Naptown Boys

Custom Naptown Boys Doll


Custom Naptown Boys Doll

We will work together to create your dream Naptown Boys doll, Naplet, Napling, Napper, Naplush, Robot, Ninja or Twig.  Any of my previous creations in your custom color choices.

You will be able to chose from existing designs.
Your custom choices include body colors, skin tone and eye color among other details.
The $50 deposit will go towards the final purchase price of the doll.

For examples of my works please check out my flickr photo gallery here ->

Facebook photos are here ->

And please follow me on instagram for updates and sneek peeks!

I look forward to working with you . Thank you! Nikki

Tags: Dollectable, Naptown Boys, butterfly, waldorf doll, doll, plush, wool, toy

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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