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Cosette 14" lil chickpea ragdoll


Cosette is a lean 14.5" tall made from high quality cotton and heavily weighted with glass sand pouches in her bottom, feet and knees and firmly stuffed with high quality wool.

Cosette was adapted from the mon petit frere's 
petit fleur pattern. 
She has the same face, but a lil chickpea body.

Her fabric jointing and weighting makes her extra dangly and a joy to hold and position. Cosette's head is floppy and will tilt back and forth.

Her hair is mohair yarn crocheted into a cap and then sparsely looped throughout.

Cosette will come home wearing a raw heavy weight canvas cotton dress, polka dot socks and hand-dyed wool crocheted boots with button closures and contrasting sole. 

She also has a heathered mustard pom-pom hat, and a gorgeous sweater made from hand-dyed lock spun baby alpaca yarn - a piece of art in and of itself. 

Cosette is not a toy and is intended for an older child or adult collector.

Cosette 14" lil chickpea ragdoll

Cosette 14" lil chickpea ragdoll

Cosette 14" lil chickpea ragdoll

Cosette 14" lil chickpea ragdoll

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