Lotta - waldorf doll (12.5 inch)


Meet Lotta - small girl who loves forest, animals and long walks. This girl is 12.5 inch high (32 cm) and is proud of her ginger hair. She is always saying that she has hair in a fox colour. I don't need to say that fox is her absolutely best animal.

This doll is made for children to play. She is made of Laib Yala heavy quality tricot, has woollen embroidered hair (what means can be washed even in a washing machine) in two shades of ginger, green embroidered eyes and funny autumn inspired outfit. She is stuffed with very quality soft wool. She is coming home wearing: panties, blouse opened at the back, corduroy dress with sleeping fox application, hair band with fox's ears, crocheted shoes and stylish cape. All made with great care about details. 

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Lotta - waldorf doll (12.5 inch)

Lotta - waldorf doll (12.5 inch)

Lotta - waldorf doll (12.5 inch)

Lotta - waldorf doll (12.5 inch)

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