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Maggie Jo - 10" Cupcake


Maggie Jo
10" Lali Cupcake doll

Handmade with natural materials, Maggie Jo is about 10" tall. She has fair skin tone, brown eyes and light brown mohair wavy wig. Her arms, legs are very firmly stuffed with rolls of wool. Her head is firmly constructed and shaped in wool. She has a softer tummy stuffed with wool and non toxic poly pellets for weight. She is so cuddly and fun to hold. She has a floppy rag doll feel to her, which makes her extra lovable. She's a great size for a first doll and remains a great size, no matter the age. She comes wearing tights, dress, knitted wool boots and bonnet.

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Maggie Jo - 10" Cupcake

Maggie Jo - 10" Cupcake

Maggie Jo - 10" Cupcake

Maggie Jo - 10" Cupcake

Tags: Dollectable, Lali Dolls, Waldorf doll, cloth doll, rag doll, natural fiber art doll, handmade doll

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