Albie-11" Posie and Pudge Natural Fiber Art Doll


11" Albie
A Posie and Pudge
Natural Fiber Art Doll

A bit of a homebody, Albie loves rainy days when she can snuggle up on the couch all day and devour book after book.  All wrapped up in her blankets, she travels to far off lands, sword fights, tames wild beasts, and climbs to tippiest tops of mountains. 

When she isn't reading, she acts out her storied adventures...speaking in silly made up accents, finding dragon eggs hidden among the pebbles in the garden, and catching fairies (dandelion poofs) as they float through the grass. 

She is dressed in the colors of the sky, and will come wearing:  
-A dusky grey blue hand smocked tunic, with the sweetest rose colored embroidered details (we found this in a German doll shop months ago, and it arrived just in time for her to play dress up!)  
-a twirly golden yellow poofy skirt, sewn from organic cotton, and trimmed with a delicate crocheted lace.   She loves the treasure pocket, sewn from grey cashmere and trimmed with a lovely Liberty floral.
-Wee little undies...of course.  Albie's are organic cotton floral.
-soft and cozy  linen bloomers
-wool knit snuggly socks
-linen boots with leather soles, so she can meander about and discover her own adventures in this great big wonderful world.
-She also has a few little surprises she will be packing with her for her and her new mama

Miss Albie is 11", with a sculpted smirk, wee ears to listen to your stories, and deep green eyes.   She may be little, but she has all the details of a larger Posie; elbow dimples, wee knees, little belly button, and bum.  
Her hair is made from bouncy Wensleydale locks, hand dyed with chai tea to create warm golden brown tones.   The locks have been wefted and crocheted into a cap with dollymo mohair yarn, and attached securely with teensy stitches.  Her skin is warm golden mocha De Witte doll tricot, and she is stuffed with clean carded wool from West Earl Mill.

Because of her teensy stature, and delicate nature;  Albie is best suited for the adult collector or older child. 

Please allow 5 days for her to pack her belongings and say her goodbyes to the friends she has made here....There are some sisters that will miss her storytelling dearly.   

Thank you for coming by to say hello to Albie! xx Kristin

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