Marita, 12 inch Puppula doll


Marita is a 12 inch  Puppula doll.
She is my first 12 inch doll made with a new pattern and her body has a different style than my old 12 inch dolls.
She is made from high quality Swiss cotton interlock and she is stuffed with cleaned and carded pure wool. Her face is hand embroidered with cotton floss. Her  hair is a mohair yarn wig.
Marita has a cute ears, knee dimples, belly button and a cute bum.
Her body and limbs are needle felted.
She is slightly weighted- her hands, foot and bum are filled with Glorex Granulex.
Marita  will come with everything pictured below.
She wears a cotton tunic/dress made of French duval and Liberty of London fabric, linen troursers, beautiful hooded and lined coat made of very fine wool/silk fabric,  woolen shoes and cotton panties/bloomers.

PLEASE NOTE: Marita  is a first doll made out of this pattern, she is sort of a prototype doll. For that reason, I listed her at discounted price of 160 euros

For more pictures, please take a look at my FB page or Flickr

Marita is not suitable for small children. She is a very delicate doll and  more suitable for a older child or adult collector.

Dress and coat pattern by Petite Gosset dolls
Shoes pattern by Little Jenny Wren Dolls

Little bear (made by Rusi dolls) is not included in this listing.

Thank you so much for your support!

Marita, 12 inch Puppula doll

Marita, 12 inch Puppula doll

Marita, 12 inch Puppula doll

Marita, 12 inch Puppula doll

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Ships from Croatia within 3-5 days.

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