"Demi" a teeny tiny 6" Glimmer Row doll


  Meet Demi! She's so bitty she could wear a newborn shoe for an outfit! She doesn't think it's a good idea!

... but she agreed to try it out anyways.

I guess I'll be making a teeny tiny dress instead!

Demi may be just about the size of a newborn bootie but she certainly can hang with the big girls! She has every little feature of a large Glimmer Row doll. Sweet cheeks at both ends, ears, belly button, knees on her little curved legs, a tiny sculpted face... no detail spared! I may be a step closer to going blind because of it! :)

Demi stands at a slim 6" height. She is made from high quality cotton jersey skin and stuffed with 100% wool. Her features are hand sculpted and eyes are embroidered with cotton floss. She has a crocheted wig made from mohair yarn and hand wefted Wensleydale locks in their natural color. She will arrive with a simple dress made from a sweet cotton floral print with vintage lace sleeves, attached with 2 small buttons.

Thank you so much on behalf of myself and Dollectable for your continued support! I am excited to be able to offer Demi as a gift for the cost of shipping and a penny, as a token of appreciation! Please allow everyone an equal chance in the spirit of giving by only entering once on behalf of yourself. :)

XOXO and happy New Year! :) Lindsey

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Hyena cart has been known to have a rare glitch now and then. Because there is that slim chance please check back at the end of this drawing to confirm your "win". The stated winner's screen name will be at the top of the entries. Thank you!

Glimmer Row doll contain small parts and are not intended for young children.

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