Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

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Peter Pan & Tinker Bell


The Pan and Tink have taken so much of my energy, I feel as though Iíve birthed one, gigantic baby.   They are so busy and happy creatures, which keeps the house quite lively.  I have a feeling Iíll miss the chatter once they leave to go homeÖ 

They are both made with cotton tricot from the Netherlands & stuffed with wool.  

Peter measures 16in/40cm & Tink is 4in/10cm.  

Peterís hair is naturally curly Wensleydale wool, that I hand dyed blonde.   Tink has brushed mohair.  She would like me to tell you she especially likes the leaves with a berry in her hair.  She goes on & on about those leaves & berry on a regular basis.

Both of their clothes are made from wool felt.  The Panís is hand sewn & sculpted, leaf by leaf.  I stopped counting the leaves at a bazillion.  Tinkís bodice is made the same way, only with much smaller leaves.  Her skirt is wool felt as well.  Tink's wings are very, very special.  I crafted them with a cobweb wool felt I made from wool, with a little sparkle added in.  The wings are fine & translucent & permanently sewn onto her back.  Tink also has undies made of ďmossĒ Ė a.k.a. mohair dyed moss green.  Itís important that fairies cover their bottoms, donít ya think?  She and Peter's bodies are fully sculpted with a belly button & bottom.  Peter on the other hand does not wear underwear.  He does not see the need.    So, there you have it.

Peterís has 2 very important things he never leaves Neverland without: His kiss & his Jolly Roger belt.

His kiss is from his beloved friend, Wendy.  He keeps it close& safe around his neck.  He likes it to be close to his heart and so he can never forget.  Itís a sterling silver thimble, so Peter polishes it with moss from time to time, to keep it from getting too tarnished.

The second thing is something heís never told anyone about until now.  See his belt?  It makes him laugh, so he must wear it every day.  Curious, I asked about it and this is what I learned.  Apparently, on one of his fun adventures taunting Hook, he saw a nice rope on the deck of the Jolly Roger.  He thought what tricks he could do with it, like tripping Mr. Smee, tying up Hook & other things like that & it made him laugh.  So, he took a bit of it. (I reminded him that is stealing, even if itís from a thief Ė he already knows that, he told me)  Right then & there, Peter decided it would make a fine belt & tied it around his waist.  So, thatís where his Jolly Roger belt came fromÖ

Peter Pan & Tink are best for children over 3, as there are some small pieces. She is sturdy, but not recommended for naughty children. :-)

The Pan & Tink are offered via a two hour auction. 

Full payment must be received within 12 hours. 

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Peter & Tink should be hand washed only. Surface cleaned as necessary. Wool has antibacterial qualities and is very hygienic. For emergency cleanings, such as after illness or other mishaps, gentle bathing is fine. Instructions are included with the doll.


I create all my dolls with much love and attention to detail, especially for you!


Created in a smoke free & dog friendly home










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Peter & Tink will ship out on the next business day. I ship Priority with insurance within the United States. International purchases will ship First Class, without insurance. I can ship other ways for international customers, including insured, just ask me. Send me a message after your purchase.

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