Mairin - a 10" Posie and Pudge natural fiber art doll


a 10" Feisty Posie + Pudge
Natural Fiber Art Doll

Mairin is my snuggly-hair pulling-huggable-foot stomping-never boring for a moment girl.

She likes an audience, someone to listen to her songs and laugh at her jokes, to answer her riddles.  

She can play the same games over and over for hours.   Her favorite is to snatch up whatever it is I am working on at the moment and hide it behind her back.  "Which hand?!"   She asks excitedly with the sweetest expectant expression.   "Guess which hand and I'll give it right back!" 

Yes, yes, I am sure you will Mairin.   Left.

"Nope! Right!  Now, try again!"

So, I do....and somehow, whichever hand I guess seems to be the wrong answer.  hmmmm, I guess I need to practice more.

Our days are filled with such which I never quite know the rules of because she likes to make it up as she goes. 

There is never a dull moment with Mairin....and seldom any silence. 
But as the day wears on and she tuckers herself out, her wildness mellows.  She will snuggle up next to me, humming a little song and twirling her ginger locks in her freckled little fingers.  

Over the past month or so, Mairin and I have found time in between the cartwheels and game playing to knit her up squooshy clothes and get her ready to travel and adventure.   She helped choose all the yarn and fabrics herself, and is quite proud of her clothing she is bringing along to play dress up with her new mama.

She will come wearing:
The fluffiest, softest angora knit dress with delicate lacey hem and button closure in the back

A tulle petticoat in a pale pale pale pink

Golden Yellow undies with picot waistband (she likes to cartwheel and show them off...silly goose)

Linen Bloomers (because its not always appropriate to show off undies while cartwheeling...or somersaulting.)

Pale sunshine yellow angora knit socks, soooooo fluffy!

Leather boots with silk laces

Organic Pointelle cotton knit dress with back snap closure


A comfy hoodie, knit with seafoam colored merino/bamboo yarn  with vintage buttons from my grandmothers button jar

Mairin is a spunky 10", sewn from De Witte cotton tricot, and stuffed with clean carded wool.  Her face has been sculpted, and she has a sculpted bum, knees, and belly button as well.  She can sit, and stands well if she has something to prop up against.
She is freckled on her face, knees, and hands, and has rosy cheeks, blushed with beeswax crayon.

Her hair is wefted Lincoln locks, hand dyed by me and then crocheted into a cap with dolly mo mohair.

Thank you so much for coming to peek and Mairin.   I hope she makes you smile as much as she has made me smile.

Please only one entry per household, and  no angels please.

xx kristin

Mairin - a 10" Posie and Pudge natural fiber art doll

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Please give Mairin some time to pack her things and start her journey, she will begin her travels 2-4 days after she finds her home so she can be packed with love and care. Shipping includes insurance, and any shipping overages will be refunded. If you prefer a different method of shipping, please message me after payment. Thank you!

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