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MoonPetal is a true child of our times — the past, the present and the future. You might just see her as a hippie child, a flower child. However, before you think that she is girl living in her fantasy world, you have to look deeper.

She feels very strongly that believing in world peace and sharing hope is extremely necessary in our current times. Petal (as her very close friends call her) is worried about all the hardship going on all over the world.

She is aware that being outspoken is not always the best way to reach her goals — she knows that listening to others share their thoughts and experiences and reflecting on what she hears is very important before speaking. She has perhaps a bit of a tendency to think too deeply about life.

Yet Petal isn’t all about being serious. She loves to dance, to travel, to eat different foods. To play with how she dresses depending on her mood. She is equally comfortable in here shag coat, patched bellbottoms, rayon blouse and leather vest, as she is wearing a floor-length flower dress with large pouffy sleeves. Even though she might not always openly discuss her thoughts, she is not shy to wear them on her favourite jeans — peace and love is what she thinks can heal.

Her outfits carry her through the year — unless there is deep snow, she is completely comfortable wearing her cork-bottomed sandals with socks (sometimes even two pairs of them worn together). She loves layering her clothes and finding ever new combinations.


Creation notes:

Much of MoonPetal’s creation was lead by extremely happy coincidences — my neighbour dropping off the perfect braided leather belt that became her headband. My remembering the perfect dress from the 1960’s in my stash of fabrics. The shag fabric at the local fabric shop (itself a remainder of the textile trade so prevalent in Toronto during the 60’s). Finding a perfect ball of hand-spun wool in my stash - spun by beginner spinners at at textile festival — many hands involved in that. The cream coloured blouse fabric and how it matched the sorter pieces of hand made lace I found at the flea-market in Brussels in February. The glasses I couldn’t resist and how perfectly they fit her face. Oh.. I could go on.

________ MoonPetal is 38cm(15") tall ________

MoonPetal was born over many, many hours of work — her face is first sculpted with wool and a felting needles — creating features. The face is then covered in the highest quality doll skin fabric available - Laib Yala from Switzerland. Her eyes are embroidered with premium quality cotton embroidery floss. She is very firmly stuffed with pure wool from German country sheep.

All the patterns for her and her clothes are originals created by The Olive Sparrow — many of them just for her.

The materials in the clothes are: wool, cotton, rayon (vintage fabric from a 1960’s dress), synthetic shag coat material (acrylic), leather, cork, cashmere, cotton.


This doll is created to be a collectors doll (for an inner child) or for an older child, as she has many small parts.

She will ship with:

2 pairs of sunglasses



2 pairs of pants (bellbottoms out of cotton/linen fabric with trim at the hem and laboriously hand-embroidered up-cycled blue jeans bellbottoms)

White cotton tunic blouse with antique Belgium hand-made lace trim

Blouse made with vintage rayon

Bikini-type top

2 pairs of socks

Dress made from cotton voile in a floral print

Leather vest with fringe (hand sewn)

Floral crown with commercially made daisies

Braided leather head-band

A collection of necklaces and a bracelet

Shag coat

Under wear


Cork-soled shoes with elastic ribbons.

1 pair felted boots (not pictures)

For more pictures:





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     International....CAD $45.00

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