Olga, 17/18 inch Puppula doll


Olga is a 17/18 inch  Puppula handmade doll "Puce style". She is made from high quality Swiss cotton interlock and she is stuffed with cleaned and carded pure wool.
Olga has a cute ears, elbow and knee dimples, a belly button and a cute butt.
She is slightly weighted- her hands, foot and butt are filled with Glorex Granulex.
Her face is hand embroidered with cotton floss. Her  hair is mohair weft and  can be gently combed and re styled. Her hair is brown as her eyes. With her features and her hair style--  she is my mini me ;)

She will come with the full (5-6 pieces) outfit, that will be made and completed in following days, by  May 8th.
Her new mama is very welcome to help me out with deciding on her clothing.

Olga is not suitable for small children, she is collectable doll and more suitable for older child or an adult collector.

Thank you for the love and support! <3

Olga,  17/18 inch Puppula doll

Olga,  17/18 inch Puppula doll

Olga,  17/18 inch Puppula doll

Tags: Dollectable, waldorf doll, Puppula

Ships from Croatia. For multiple orders I will combine shipping and refund shipping overchages.

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