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Poppy- 65cm/25" Natural Cloth Doll

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Poppy is a tall 65cm (25”) girl -- with wefted hair and quite the collection of clothing that can be worn in many ways.

A body suit, up-cycled tull skirt, cabled cashmere socks, shoes made from felted knit wear, a reversible dress -- both sides are linen -- one side has pin tucks and embroidery. She also wears a shrug/poncho made from an upcycled angora sweater, embellished with vintage buttons. Two satin silk scarves can be worn in many ways -- as a hairband, shoulder shawl or a as a belt. Her underwear are pink.

Her legs have movable knees -- constructed based on natural human anatomy with a build-up of muscles to make them look and move realistically -- down to the folds created in our skin. 

Poppy is a large size doll for an older child or adult collector. Her wavy hair is made from commercial wefted mohair fibre -- a process where mohair goat fibers are sewn into a long "string" of hair that I then crochet into a cap and sew on. The hair can be finger styled and gently manipulated. This Waldorf-inspired natural cloth art doll is created from my own pattern. She is very firmly stuffed and feels wonderful when held. She can sit on her own and her limbs move freely, giving her a supreme play value (and lets her put her arms around your neck to hug you back). 


Every Olive Sparrow Doll prides itself with absolutely exquisite workmanship – tiny stitches, doubly sewn seams, smooth neck – quality of design and workmanship to show your child what is possible in a hand-made toy. (please make sure you read our paragraph on workmanship below). Please note that this doll does have small parts (buttons on the coat and hair toggles) and is recommended only for children over 3 years of age.


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 Each doll is made up of the following materials.

Skin: 100% cotton (Swiss-made to Öko-Tex-Standard 100)

Stuffing: 100% wool batt from Germany

Hair: Mohair Goat Wefted Fibers

Clothing: 100% natural fibers (linen, cotton, wool, angora)

Shoes: Recycled felted wool sweaters

Face: 100% cotton Embroidery Thread

Workmanship: Each doll is created individually by artist Monika Aebischer, the proprietor of The Olive Sparrow. She sources and uses only the highest quality materials in her creations – swiss-made skin fabric, German wool batt, wool/mohair for the dolls hair (often hand-dyed by her), or wefted animal fibers. Hair for the Olive Sparrow Children is made by crocheting a cap that is sewn to the head, allowing for replacement should it ever become necessary (although most children will object to this, as it changes their doll dramatically). For the wispy hair, a special german mohair is used and a labour-intense technique, for the loose longer hair each strand of wool is individually knotted into the crocheted cap. This is the prime technique for doll-wig creation. Doll clothing is made from up-cycled vintage and clothing fabrics, in either pure linen, cotton or silk or from new fabrics washed multiple times. Up-cycled fabric is wonderful for doll clothes, as the cloth has been washed soft, gentle and free of textile manufacturing products. Monika also felts used woolen sweaters to use for doll shoes and clothing. She knits the doll’s hats out of prime quality knitting wool. Each seam on the doll’s body is sewn twice to allow your child to fiercely love their Olive Sparrow Child. Clothing is sewn with serged seams and some are fully reversible.

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