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Morselfina, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll


Morselfina is a wee-fairy, keeper of Morpho Peleides (the most popular butterfly of all time, the Morpho butterfly). Please visit the Scarlet Elfcup website blog at to learn more about Morselfina and to see plenty more photos of her.

Morselfina's body is made from 100% cotton interlock. She stands 6 inches tall. She is a sitting doll. Morselfina's hair is made of mohair yarn crocheted into a wig and stitched securely to her head.

Morselfina comes bearing a head full of tiny Morpho butterflies cut from 100% cotton and were individually stitched one-by-one onto her tiny fairy cap made of 100% cotton and lined with the same fabric. The tie on her cap is hand knitted using a mohair and silk yarn.

Morselfina's wings....hand embroidered on 100% cotton fabric, with the finest 100% cotton, hand-dyed embroidery thread made in France...just because I had an itch to hand embroider something beautiful. Did you know that the Morpho butterfly's wings are iridescent and brilliant blue on one side, but patterned with browns and spots on the underside. Hence....double the embroider-thon. Her wings took all of 20 hours to complete. The wings can be put on and taken off of Morselfina and they are attached to her with straps hand knit from a mohair/silk yarn.

Morselfina comes wearing an itty bitty strapless fairy dress made with 100% cotton trim, lined with 100% fabric under the tulle and a tiny flower stitched to her dress and made from tiny wood beads. Underneath, she wears a set of matching bloomers made of 100% cotton.

Finally, her tiny toes are wrapped in tiny shoes hand knit using a 100% alpaca yarn.

Morselfina is recommended for ages 8+ due to the nature of her delicate design and the small parts on her that pose as choking hazards for younger children.

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