Arya Doll


"Fear cuts deeper than swords" -Arya Stark

Bold and feisty Arya is a handmade doll inspired by Arya of Game of Thrones.  She is wearing cotton clothing with a faux-suede vest, and wool felt shoes and belt.  She carries a wool felt sword, which is known as "needle" in the book and tv series.  Be warned that Arya is exploratory and is known to jump into a fight, so you might have your hands full with her!!

Arya has grey eyes and brown natural weft.  Her hair can get a little unruly, but as she has no interest in becoming a lady, she is happy to let it fly wildly about. She stands approx.
12" (30 cm).  Her body is made with Swiss cotton interlock and she is stuffed with pure clean carded sheep wool.

As there are small parts, plus fuzz from the hair, it is recommended that any Woolhalla dolls are for ages 3 and up, and those who do not mouth items at any age. 

Arya Doll

Arya Doll

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