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JennyB an enigmatic Inviting Play girl, 23" tall

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JennyB,  JennyB, your insistence and prevalence in my thoughts pushed you into this world and now you'll go out into it with the unselfconscious, self-assuredness, and innate empathy that you have shown me. 

What you're really thinking about, I'm not sure - but I am sure its not what you are wearing.  and I am sure its not what others think of you.

JennyB  wears cotton undies and socks, micro striped cotton t-shirt, jeans with a real waistband (no elastic!), a crocheted wool pinafore with yummy red buttons and cables! and leather boots that are lined with linen and close with etched metal buttons. 

She has a linen dress in seam foam green with cream spots that she can wear alone in warmer months or over jeans and shirt in cooler ones.

All of JennyB and each of her clothing items was designed and made by me in my studio in Minneapolis.  She is truly a one of a kind piece and there will never be another doll like her. 

JennyB is mostly very similar to all of my dolls.  She comes from the same pattern type I've been using and meddling with for years.  But deep under her rolls of wool, she has a muscular skeletal structure in the form of doll making armature that allows her to bend at the knees, elbows and neck and hold those poses.  She does not have the armature through her shoulders and hips so she can't hold her arms up and out unassisted - but she can bend them around a doll perhaps and bend her knees so she can sit over a ledge or on a bench. 

JennyB has long undyed dark brown almost black yak weft hair.  It is fairly strong, comb-able, and stylable.  Fun to play with despite all the little wispys that fly across her face.

JennyB is very big and heavy, with long wispy hair and small pieces.  She is not designed to be a toy for children.  She most is appropriate for people 7 and up. 

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 

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