Mon Petit Frère

Piper- a 16" natural fiber doll


Meet Piper! She's a 16" natural fiber doll made in Mon Petit Frère's new body style called "Petit Chou".   This style of doll has long limbs with the arms sewn to the body and the legs are button jointed at the hips. She still has the sweet big toddler belly of a younger child. 

Piper is made of 100% cotton woven fabric and firmly stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is made using wefted of yak hair and can be gently brushed styled in many ways.

She comes wearing a white party dress with a pink sash and embellished with flowers made out of buttons and embroidered stems. The dress has a snap closure in back. She will also be wearing a lace hair band, striped undies, socks with a lace trim and 100% wool felt shoes lined with a pink floral fabric. 

Piper is a collectable doll and is designed for the adult collector or older child. Due to small parts and long fibers, she is not suited for children under 3.

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