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Emilie, 18 inch Natural Fiber Art Doll by LesPouPZ

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Emilie is a such a dreamy girl! She hopes on rainy tomorrows just for the opportunity to put on her raincoat!
As you can imagine, days have been so wet over here these days I had the idea of making a cute pinky girly raincoat for Emilie! Let me tell you she's been super excited at the idea!!!!

Emilie is a natural fiber doll. She has firm limbs and head thanks to wool needle felting and rolling techniques. She has an armature allowing her to tilt her head. Her hair is soft and thick off-white TLS, and her skin fair peach cotton jersey.

Emily comes with her raincoat, a lightweight cotton blouse, a pair of shorts, socks and rainboots, and also underwear and a hairpin.

She will be shipped to you within 48hrs after payment, with full insurance and tracking number.

This doll and her accessories aren't toys destined to little children.

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Emilie, 18 inch Natural Fiber Art Doll by LesPouPZ

Emilie, 18 inch Natural Fiber Art Doll by LesPouPZ

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