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Sep 17, 2009
Item:Custom Knit Coast of Maine Sheepy Pants Shorties or Longies in BFL
Customer service:Comunication was great and the turn around was very fast. Very nice person to work with.
Product review: I had a pair of longies knit fr my son and they came out beautiful.
2009-10-23 07:55:52
When purchased:
Jul 31, 2009
Item:NB Sheepy Pants Longies in Glacier
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: Beautifully made! Love the colors... I CANNOT WAIT to have a baby to wear these longies! :) Thanks!
2009-08-03 05:26:02
When purchased:
Jul 13, 2009
Item:Rainbow Medium Sheepy Pants Shorties in BFL
Customer service:
Product review: Bests horties we own! LOVE them!!! and shipped fast!
2009-07-18 08:42:23
When purchased:
Jun 8, 2009
Item:Coast of Maine Medium Sheepy Pants Shorties in BFL
Customer service:Amazing customer service, very fast shipping!
Product review: Shorties are knit beautifully, can't wait to buy from this store again.
2009-07-04 09:49:35
When purchased:
Jun 15, 2009
Item:Custom Knit Rainbow Sheepy Pants Shorties in BFL
Customer service:Awesome! Great communication and super fast shipping!
Product review: These shorties are the best! The knitting is perfect!
2009-06-22 10:05:25
When purchased:
Jun 11, 2009
Item:Coast of Maine NB Sheepy Pants Shorties in BFL Aran
Customer service:Super quick shipping! Ordered on Thursday, received Saturday. And, I got a nice communication via e-mail.
Product review: Beautiful work.....can't wait to get them on my little bean.
2009-06-13 12:15:49
When purchased:
Jun 3, 2009
Item:Rainbow NB Sheepy Pants Shorties in BFL Aran
Customer service:very prompt shipping, nice seller!
Product review: GORGEOUS, this is a fabulous pair of shorties, we love them!!
2009-06-06 09:47:51
When purchased:
May 12, 2009
Item:Small Sheepy Pants Shorties in 3 ply Purewool
Customer service:great communication
Product review: beautiful, soft, well knitted.
2009-05-15 04:51:14
When purchased:
Apr 21, 2009
Item:Medium Sheepy Pants Shorties in 3 ply Purewool
Customer service:Arrived super fast! Thanks.
Product review: Love them, as pictured.
2009-04-24 07:45:13
When purchased:
Apr 9, 2009
Item:NB Sheepy Pants Shorties in Tiger BFL
Customer service:Wonderful!!!
Product review: Excellently made shorties with Speedy Shipping!!!
2009-04-21 08:52:39
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2009
Item:Organic Forest M longies
Customer service:Great communication and super fast shipping! Thank you!
Product review: Wonderful product, great quality!
2009-02-09 03:29:47
When purchased:
Dec 13, 2008
Item:Purple Girl S longies
Customer service:Excellent! Kathleen responded very quickly to emails and shipping was fast!
Product review: These longies are beautiful! The knitting is flawless and the yarn is very soft. I adore them and won't hesitate to buy from Kathleen again. Thanks!
2008-12-18 04:55:55
When purchased:
Nov 19, 2008
Item:Pumpkin Newborn Longies
Customer service:great CS!
Product review: Gorgeous longies I am so excited to use them for our new baby!
2008-11-24 02:23:21
When purchased:
Sep 30, 2008
Item:Late Autumn M longies
Customer service:Excellent overall experience, longies sets are beautiful and Kathleen was super, super fast.
Product review: Longie sets are perfectly knit and fit beautifully.
2008-10-18 10:12:27
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