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Fiber CSA Info

We are pleased to offer our clients an opportunity to participate in our farm through Customer Supported Agriculture.  Customer Supported Agriculture, or CSA, refers to a farm model where customers purchase a share of a crop.  By owning a share of our farm's crop, you have the opportunity to share in the farming experience.

We will keep you updated on the ins and outs of this little homestead through a variety of sources.  The first will be our blog.  Here you will have an opportunity to see what's happening on the farm.  The sheep are in charge of this medium, so don't look to me if things get a little crazy over there!  Each week the sheep will choose a guest blogger to give you a little 411 on the homestead haps.  I've heard they have even been talking to the llamas and goats about guest appearances.

Another place you can catch us is on Facebook.  Be sure to stop by and like our page!  Here you can see photos from the 'stead, catch up on the latest news and hear about upcoming events and specials.

Twice a year we will have Open Houses.  This is your chance to come out to the 'stead and meet the sheep for yourself!  Activities may include: BBQ, hayrides, games, classes, make and take activities and more.  Make sure you watch for invites to those gatherings.

Periodically you may be called upon to help make decisions for the farm.  We may hold a vote for things ranging from lamb names, to which ram to purchase, to what color to dye the batts this year.  Make sure you stay tuned because we will surely need your help!

And the big to do, of course, is the yearly clip!  By becoming a CSA member you get some delicious, homegrown fiber of your very own.  You can choose to receive raw wool, carded batts or handspun yarn.  Extra goodies and perks will be included in your package that are sure to surprise and delight you.  Make sure you check out the subscription options and get yours early!  There is no limit to the number of subscriptions you can purchase so long as availability permits.

We look forward to having you be a part of our Farm Family.  It's people like you who keep small family farms going.  We appreciate the time, love and encouragement you provide us.  Please feel free to share us with your friends and family.  We look forward to meeting them too!

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