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My name is Kathi and I actually work full-time outside of the a professional Archaeologist. This has been my career for over 20 (gasp) years now. I also work part-time as and EMT.
I grew up in northern New Mexico (US). In the northwest part of the state is a National Monument…Chaco Canyon. It is a beautiful place full of culture and history. This is where the name "Chaco Creations" stems from. While still in college, I picked up a small calico kitten and named her Chaco, she was with me for almost 18 years. After graduating, I worked for many years in northwest New Mexico around Chaco Canyon. To me the name Chaco brings memories of home, family and friends (and special warm fuzzy cat).

I'm a mother of two. My daughter is 6 years old and my son is 4 years old. I met and married my husband out west, where I grew up. After getting married, I moved to Missouri, where he grew up.

I have been knitting now for over 15 years. I started knitting in Graduate School learning from my friends. We would get together and have knitting nights. Knit, watch TV, and eat a lot of brownies!

I started quilting in 2000 and fell in love with it! Sewing that does not involve a quilt as the outcome is something I usually do just for family and friends. When a good friend of mine was desperately seeking a small bag, for one of her crocheting projects, I offered to make her one. She loved it and so I decided that maybe others would too.

Thank you for looking around my shop - Kathi

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