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Red Riding Hood Waldorf Bunny
Autumn Garden Silk Marionette Puppet - Ready To Ship!
Liana the Rainbow Fairy Doll, 16 inch, Custom order
Broomstick Waldorf Doll Outfit hand dyed dress, bloomers, headband
Doll Cape
Sling for a dolly or bear, hand dyed, with flower or leaf
Dragon Jumpsuit or Onesie Waldorf Doll Outfit
Tiny Waldorf Baby Doll in a Moses Basket or Boat
Waldorf Elf Doll 12 or 16 inch Custom with his Lizard Friend
Pirate Pig, Plush Organic Velour, Waldorf Steiner Inspired Animal Doll
Button Jointed Mouse, 15 Inch Waldorf Animal Doll, Girl or Boy
Princess Piggie
Farmer Pig Waldorf Animal by Hillcountry Dollmaker
Rainbow Dragon Waldorf Animal by Hillcountry Dollmaker
Custom Moses Basket for Waldorf Dolls and Animals, Several Sizes
Prairie Waldorf Doll
Moonlight Fairy 13
Cottage Purse and Teeny Dolly Waldorf Dollhouse Doll
Custom Waldorf Doll by Hillcountry Dollmaker in Several sizes
Giant 53 Inch Waldorf Dragon
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