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Open your own handmade shop! Set up my shop
Hyena Cart has provided me a venue to showcase my talents as well as the ability to reach numerous potential customers!

- The WAHMs of Lemon Tree Lane, Lemon Tree Lane

Hyena Cart offers two different styles of stores -- HC standard, and HC Multi. The first thing you need to decide when opening a Hyena Cart store is which style you prefer. Once you've decided, enter your email address via the store signup page and you'll be sent a link to enter all of your business info. When you've paid your setup fee, and I've set your store up, you'll be ready to stock :)

Both carts feature:

  • A customer base of over 30,000 (and growing!)
  • Simple set up, very customizable with use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Easy-to-use vendor and customer interfaces
  • Preview items before they stock
  • Discount codes
  • Low pricing: $10 set up, $5/month, $7.50/month with image hosting
  • Choice of offering checks/MO, and Paypal as payment options
  • A cart url of which can be seamless with main site via CSS
  • Vendor defined choices like sizing, styling, etc.
  • Categories to organize listings
  • Calendar listings
  • HC Spots
  • Shipping options: First-class, Priority, FedEx, UPS, International
  • Specially designed listing options to withstand high-traffic situations without overselling
  • Auctions
  • Lotteries

This table lists the differences between the two carts:

HC Standard
(click to view)
HC Multi
(click to view)
  • Paypal confirm option (requires confirmation of payment from Paypal before item is taken out of stock)
  • Several vendors can share one cart, with Paypal for each item linking directly to individual accounts
  • Congos are possible ($25/month)
  • Shopping cart-style, customer can check out with multiple items simultaneously
  • Five different stocking options to address standard and high-demand scenarios
  • Pattern download information can be entered, automatically accessible to customer via order history after Paypal is confirmed
  • Vendor-defined currency: US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro or Great British pound
Limitations / Restrictions:
  • Customer can only check out with items from one listing at a time
  • Hand-made / hand-dyed items only, by the vendor. No reselling. No commercial items (exceptions are wool wash or a few "accessory" products)
Limitations / Restrictions:
  • Single Paypal address, must be a business or premier account in order for inventory management to work correctly

Overall, HC standard is ideally suited for stores with multiple sellers such as congos or shared shops. HC Multi is the best choice for a majority of sellers and includes functionality for high-demand items as well. It gives customers a familiar shopping cart interface, and allows them to check out with multiple items at the same time, maximizing sales.

If you're still unsure about which cart to choose, try reading through this page.

Ready to sign up? Just click here for instructions on how to start setting up your new cart :)