Destash info:
Please keep in mind that we did our best to note any flaws in each piece listed. However, we may have missed some somewhere, almost all fabrics are discounted from what we paid originally due to the possibility of some having flaws that we did not notice.

All fabrics are measured from their smallest points. So you may end up getting more than what the measurements say, meaning a diaper or a shirt etc. may have been cut from the fabric but the extra parts are not counted in the measurement.

Almost all of our fabric has been pre-washed in hot water only, some pre-washed in ecover, some have not been washed at all. Why? Because almost everything listed is coming from what we intended to use, but never did.

Fabric store formerly known as "Green is the new black".
We are also "Little Fancy Pants Cloth Diapers".

Please allow up to 7 days for shipping. International shipping outside of the USA will be invoiced separately.


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