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Mar 16, 2015
Customer service:Excellent! Fast shipping!
Product review: Love this diaper! Very cute and well made. We used a few times before reviewing and we haven't had any leaks at all! :)
2015-04-06 12:11:22
When purchased:
Mar 16, 2015
Customer service:Excellent! Fast shipping!
Product review: Love this diaper! Very cute and well made. We used a few times before reviewing and we haven't had any leaks at all! :)
2015-04-06 12:11:19
When purchased:
Apr 24, 2014
Item:LaLa SALE
Customer service:Thank you, I can't wait to get this her bum!!
Product review:
2014-05-02 08:44:34
When purchased:
Mar 18, 2014
Customer service:I love this diaper, it fits really well on my chunky baby and love the design :) Thank you!
Product review: I love this diaper, it fits really well on my chunky baby and love the design :) Thank you!
2014-04-30 11:43:42
When purchased:
Aug 16, 2013
Customer service:Sara was so helpful and a joy to chat with!
Product review: Oh my goodness! This fitted diaper is absolutely adorable and so soft. I like to let me daughter go coverless around the house and this diaper holds up so nicely! A combination of the layers and the fit makes it so she stays dry on the outside long enough for me to notice she peed and change her before it seeps all the way through. I will be purchasing more soon!
2013-09-15 11:02:45
When purchased:
Jul 24, 2013
Item:Spring Birds
Customer service:Prompt shipping and good communication
Product review: Soft and squishy and very cute on the bum!
2013-08-22 08:53:39
When purchased:
Jun 22, 2013
Item:Custom Slot
Customer service:Fantastic. Great communication.
Product review: Great diaper! Very cute, well made, and absorbent. :)
2013-08-12 08:32:04
When purchased:
Jul 14, 2013
Customer service:Ok, didn't hear anything about shipping. Found sellers facebook site and contacted them that way to get a status for this diaper. Seller did apologize.
Product review: A bit disappointed in the diaper. I didn't like how the wings lay and just could not get a good fit on my daughter. Wasn't wild about the soaker. Looked and felt different then other wahm diapers I have. This one will be finding a new home, just not a good fit for my little girl or for me.
2013-08-07 08:14:34
When purchased:
Jul 24, 2013
Item:Gone Fishing
Customer service:Very quick shipping, excellent.
Product review: I love this diaper. It is so unique and well made. So happy I made this purchase. Thank you!!
2013-07-27 08:35:06
When purchased:
Jul 2, 2013
Item:Sweet Chickadee
Customer service:Great service!
Product review: Just got my new diaper today and I absolutely love it! It is so cute and the quality is excellent! I will definitely be making more purchases in the future. Thank you so much!
2013-07-08 06:29:18
When purchased:
Jun 5, 2013
Item:Don't Look
Customer service:N/A
Product review: This was really big so im unclear about the sizing info.
2013-06-21 02:09:21
When purchased:
May 18, 2013
Item:Star Trek
Customer service:quick shipping
Product review: love the print
2013-06-07 11:48:54
When purchased:
May 3, 2013
Item:Wizards Guide Size 2 fitted
Customer service:Great comms, fast shipping
Product review: Amazing diaper. I noticed you updated the soaker & inner material from the previous diapers I had purchased. very well made.
2013-05-09 07:47:44
When purchased:
Oct 2, 2012
Item:Custom Slot
Customer service:Excellent - great communication through the custom process
Product review: Love these diapers! They're squishy soft and trim and look like they will fit for a long time without being bulky at first. I will definitely be ordering more when I can - Thanks again!
2012-10-22 06:55:36
When purchased:
Jul 26, 2012
Item:Custom Slot
Customer service:Very nice. Gave me updates on the progress of the diaper & when it'd be sent out.
Product review: Love it so far. Haven't washed it yet, but it's very soft inside & out & I love the snap in insert. The pattern is too cute & overall very well made. The stitching is nice & tight so it looks like it'll weather through my son's crawling phase.
2012-08-09 06:45:49
When purchased:
Mar 28, 2012
Item:Far Out! Size 2
Customer service:Great! Good communication, very fast shipping!
Product review: Beautifully made. Adorable, super soft and squishy! We've just tried them on so I can't speak to absorbency for sure yet, but I have made a good number of my stash myself with similar materials (bamboo fleece and velour), and judging by what I see, this diaper will probably be great absorbency wise. I don't know why I never heard of this seller earlier, but I will definitely be back!
2012-04-02 01:48:40
When purchased:
Feb 13, 2012
Item:Mint Zoo Fitted
Customer service:Quick shipping, smooth transaction.
Product review: These sized fitted diapers are beautiful! I like the jersey used inside, very soft. The soaker is 2 soakers sewn together at the back, which is perfect. These were exactly the sort of diapers I was looking for, side snapping and quick drying. They remind me of the diapers I used to make, but mine were serged. Since I haven't the time to make any right now, these are fabulous!
2012-02-22 08:56:08
When purchased:
Jan 1, 2012
Customer service:Wonderful!! Really takes care of her customers :)
Product review: I have been using Bubblebutt fitteds for almost 2 years and I love them. I just recently bought several AI2s, both sized and OS and I am in love! They are so cute, so trim and so absorbant! I cant say enough! I will be buying lots more! Love Bubblebutts! :)
2012-02-21 11:32:30
When purchased:
Aug 23, 2011
Item:Ghastlies Knitting Circle
Customer service:fast shipping.
Product review: Soaker is huge and way to thick to work under any clothes. Not using the soaker the fit of the diaper is excellent using a joey bunz insert instead.
2011-12-29 03:02:29
When purchased:
Jun 29, 2010
Item:Strawberry dots Size 1
Customer service:best customer service!
Product review: my favorite diapers! happy to say my entire stash is bubble butts!
2011-11-30 06:01:45
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