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Shannon's Custom Shannon's Custom
Price : $182.00
Sold out
This listing is for Shannon. 

Kanga-XTP Sport with Dino-Mite print paneled with Khaki Mesh on Aqua brushed canvas.  Straps XXL..  Removable hood (not pictured) print on bottom.  Wide headrest,with stabilizer.  Drool pads in Lagoon print. 

If you wish to have your remnants returned, please choose the option in the drop down box.

Remaining balance             =$100
Sport carrier                            =15
Custom Shoulder straps          =10
Print sides of sport body           =15
Drool Pads                                =15
Hood                                         =20
Print on hood (1 side)                  =7
(Shipping paid with deposit)     
Total = $182

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