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Anjela's Kanga-XT Anjela's Kanga-XT
Price : $247.00
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This listing is for Anjela.  Kanga-XT.  Kraken wrap with hand-dyed Berry brushed canvas.  Petite Shoulder straps, extra webbing lengths, Web elastics, Fabric chest strap, Hood with both sides wrap.

If you wish to have your remnants returned, please choose the option in the drop down box.

Remaining balance                  =$100
Wrap conversion                         =50
Hand-dyed canvas                       =30
Custom shoulder straps               =10
Hood                                            =20
Wrap on hood (2 sides)                =12
Fabric chest strap                         =10
Web elastics                                 = 5

Shipping                                     =10
Total = $247

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