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Kerri's Customs Kerri's Customs
Price : $402.00
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This listing is for Kerri. 

CARRIER #1:  Kanga-XT Pavo Gotham WC / Brushed Graphite Canvas.  Standard cinching to Petite Straps.  Drool pads. Removable hood with print on top, Fabric chest strap, Webbing elastics.

CARRIER #2: Kanga-XT Zategbo WC / Brushed Navy Twill, Petite Straps, Petite Waist.

If you wish to have your remnants returned, please choose the option in the drop down box.

Carrier #1:
Remaining balance             =$100
Custom Shoulder straps       =10
Wrap Conversion                  =50
Hood                                        =20
Print on hood (1 side)           = 7
Drool Pads                              =15
Fabric chest strap                  = 10
Webbing elastics                    =5
Total = $217

Carrier #2:
Remaining balance             =$100
Custom Shoulder straps       =10
Petite waist                              =10
Wrap Conversion                  =50
Total = $170

Total= $387
Shipping  for 2 carriers to USA      =$15
Total = $402
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Kerri's Customs
Kerri's Customs
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