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  • Wide seat with leg padding
  • High padded head/backrest
  • No shoulder strain
  • No dangling legs
  • Front or Back carry
  • Sleep hood available
  • Fits toddler - 3 years, beginning around 32" tall

The Kanga-XT is the carrier that bridges the gap between toddler and big kid.

I've had many people ask about a carrier that will be able to grow with their child after they are too big for the Kanga-J. If this is you, this is your carrier!

Since the sides of the XT are only 16" tall, children who are just beginning to grow out of the 15" Kanga-X2 will be able to ride easily with their arms out. This creates less strain on the adult's shoulder's and back since their arms are not pulling on the sides of the carrier.  One could easily use their Kanga-XT from around 12-14 months (depending on the height of the child) until that child was 3 years old and beyond.

Talk about more "Bang for your Buck!".

The Kanga-XT has several features that won't be found on other carriers;

  • Side extensions instead of pleats, darts, and deep contours
Seat pleats, darts, and deep contours in a full buckle carrier can keep your child from sitting snuggly against your body. This causes their weight to pull back on your shoulders instead of down on your hips causing shoulder strain.
That hurts!
Because the back panel is flat, a child in a Kanga-XT sits against your body, centering their weight on your hips - not your shoulders! The side extensions found on the Kanga-XT come up under the child's legs. This changes the seating area for the child from a narrow 14 inches without the extensions to a much wider 18".

  • High 7" padded head/backrest.
Even big kids can take naps on your back now! Children feel more secure with the higher back rest and you don't have to worry about them falling asleep and falling out of a smaller carrier. The child can simply snuggle up against you, secure in their favorite spot to take a nap.
The XT can also be purchased with a generously sized sleep hood.

  • Low 16" sides for easy "arms out"
Most kids are more comfortable with their arms out over the top of the carrier.
 Many times this means buying a carrier that is too short simply because they will be able to have their arms out comfortably. If the carrier is too high, it can cause shoulder strain on the person wearing the carrier for the child's arms to push the sides of the carrier down.

This carrier allows both the child and the adult to be comfortable. The sides of the headrest slope down to 16". This allows plenty of underarm room for the child and at the same time, the adult is comfortable with no shoulder strain.

  • A carrier to grow with.
Because of the 16" sides, this carrier will fit toddlers as well as older children.

If your child loves to sleep in his carrier and you would like a carrier that will grow with the child, the Kanga-XT may be the right fit for you.

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