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Different Generations of Bloo Kangaroo Carriers

Although the Kanga SSC has remained largely unchanged since 2008, there have been four "Generations" of Bloo Kangaroo buckle carriers. In order to help identify older carriers, I thought I'd put together a page on the differences.

Generation 1 is where it all started in September 2007.  The first generation Bloo Kangaroo carriers were only Kanga-X's.   The current waist is the same style as the original Gen 1 carriers, but my supplier no longer carries the "bumpy" padding.  The padding after 2011 is of the same material, but does not have the egg-crate shape on one side.

Gen 1 (September 2007-Jan 2008)
1. Kanga-X only
2. 18" tall from top of waist to top of carrier
3. Shoulder straps were straight, tapered, and ended at webbing
4. Hoods had squared corners

(Gen 1 Kanga-X)
Gen 1 Kanga-X

Gen 2 (Jan 2008- April 2008)
1. Kanga-J and  Kanga-XT's added
2. Padding was extended past the webbing
3. Straps were straight
4. Kanga-X changed to 17" tall
5. Horizontal stitching on XT headrest

Kanga-XT Gen 2

Gen 3 (April 2008-July 2008)
1. Contoured straps, stiff padding in the ends of the straps
2. Top stitching goes all the way down to point where webbing connects
3. Kanga-X hoods have angled corners like the Kanga-J's
**Retrofitting of the stiff end padding to "squishy" padding is available for a small fee.  Email for information.

Gen 4 (July 2008 - current )
1. Contoured straps, slimmed down considerably in underarm section
2. Original squishy padding all the way down to the end of strap
3. Shoulder straps 1" shorter on both Kanga-J and Kanga-XT
4. Kanga-X discontinued 2009
5. Kanga-XTP and X2 added 2011
6. Beginning in 2013, XTP and XT extensions were lowered and moved out 1/2".  XTP extensions now sit just above the waistband and XT
 extensions are about 3/4" up from waistband.  Shoulder straps were adjusted to compensate so should not fit differently.

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