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About our Going BACK INTO Business! :-)

I am THRILLED to say that we are back in business!!  We have to change a few things around to make sure that the store will run like the well oiled machined it onced used to be.  My family like is back on track, my kids are doing VERY well and my Husband and I have moved to Maryland's Eastern Shore....less than 5 minutes from the beach...talk about God turning your ashes into beauty!  Well I must say this has been a struggle and the hardest part being that the service that I had provided was NOT up to my standards over the past several months which is one of the reasons why I shut down.  I had to get my seizures managed and get my children back in line.  But in the time while I was doing that I managed to conceive yet again!  So look out world, Shourds baby # 4 was delivered January 18 2010 and I am THRILLED!  Anyways, thanks so much for ALL of your support and prayers!  And the persistance of my regulars who kept me going and led me to my final decicition to remain open and even expand in the coming months.  Please check back often as we will be adding new products daily and I will be doing an ad blast very soon!  I will be creating a FB and Twitter account just for the store...gotta keep up with the times...wish us well!
-Lori Shourds
Owner/Founder of Baby Go Green & WAHP Source

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Lord, You are good and your mercies are new everyday. Thanks be to God Almighty!
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