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We have had some health issues we have been through as well as a recent death. We do plan on re-opening however family must come first. Thank you for your understanding!


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Baby Bird Bath Works came about because it was a constant struggle to find skincare products that did not cause my son's very sensitive skin to break out. I love homemade soaps so trying my hand at making my own seemed a natural path to follow in finding something that would help my son's skin. This of course was only the start! I began making several products for friends and family and after some gentle nudging decided to start selling my products.
Baby Bird Bath Works is named after my son who I call my little "baby bird". He is always following me around when I'm in the kitchen wanting to sample anything I might be making! Not to be left out, he still has to have a hand in making the soaps. When they've cured for a while he must smell every batch!

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