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We have had some health issues we have been through as well as a recent death. We do plan on re-opening however family must come first. Thank you for your understanding!

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When purchased:
Jun 2, 2009
Item:Wooden Solid Soap Dish
Customer service:Good
Product review: Wonderful wooden soap deck!! Exactly what we were looking for!!
2009-06-17 03:48:08
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Item:Wooden Solid Soap Dish
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Super fast shipping & yummy smelling soap! There was a free (full size) sample included, thank you!
2009-06-07 05:10:13
When purchased:
Apr 27, 2009
Item:"Pamper Me Please" Bath Tea
Customer service:Wonderful!!! Super sweet and prompt replies.
Product review: I love everything that I got!!! I also wanted some of her chocolate cupcake swirl soap but she was out, so she threw in like 10 wonderful samples!!! THanks so much mama!
2009-05-14 02:16:09
When purchased:
Apr 20, 2009
Item:FFS Lottery Spa Essence Salt Bar Soap
Customer service:Super!
Product review: Smells nice, can't wait to use it!
2009-04-23 04:05:48
When purchased:
Feb 1, 2009
Item:Yuzu Soap
Customer service:thanks for another perfect,timely transaction!
Product review: haven't used it yet.just arrived today and smells SO SO SO good! i am sure it will be wonderful in the shower! thank you for the freebie lip balm! omg it is awesome! i will def. be getting some when it runs out! the smell is heavenly and it feels just right on my lips.i am a lip balm junkie!
2009-02-05 04:14:51
When purchased:
Sep 15, 2008
Item:Leave Feedback
Customer service:Excellent! Great mama to work with!
Product review: Love all of the products from here, always get lots of freebies to try too. Custom orders have been excellent, she always goes the extra mile to please me, and puts up with all of my special requests! My favorite soap, lotion and lip balm yet, plus excellent diaper creams too! My family requests her products for gifts often.
2008-12-27 06:09:21
When purchased:
Nov 14, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Peppermint Oatmeal Soap
Customer service:Always quick and prompt service.
Product review: Once again, not disappointed by your products! Great sudsy soap, smells wonderful and works great! Thank you.
2008-12-09 08:03:17
When purchased:
Nov 25, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Peppermint Oatmeal Soap
Customer service:Excellent CS
Product review: This is my 2nd order. This soap is sooo yummy & smells sooo good. My whole family loves it!! I gave the Goats Milk Peppermint Oatmeal soap to my son to use & he actually commented on what nice soap it is. That is unheard of!! I love the way I feel when I get out of the shower after using one of these soaps. Fast shipping too!
2008-12-05 12:22:13
When purchased:
Jun 29, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Oatmeal Castile Soap
Customer service:The customer service was fantastic and the entire process was smooth
Product review: We loved the product and plan on purchasing more!! I also gave her a great review on my blog
2008-11-12 09:31:43
When purchased:
Oct 30, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Oatmeal Castile Soap
Customer service:Lovely.
Product review: We've been using the soaps for a while now and we all love them! My kids really like the Goat's Milk soap and the Neem Tree soap is great for my ds's sensitive skin. I love the Spa Therapy and the Hot Summer Nights shampoo bar is AWESOME. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back for more
2008-11-11 05:41:50
When purchased:
Sep 21, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Peppermint Oatmeal Soap
Customer service:Quick shipping and no problems at all.
Product review: Great soaps, love the scents and how clean I feel using them. Went back to try even more already!
2008-10-13 11:44:02
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2008
Item:Lemon Mist Soap
Customer service:Excellent, very quick shipping.
Product review: The soaps are wonderful, nice scents and leave me feeling very clean without any annoying residue or filmy feel on the skin.
2008-10-13 11:43:13
When purchased:
Sep 27, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Peppermint Oatmeal Soap
Customer service:Fast shipping and beautiful packaging. I also received some lovely freebies :) Thanks!
Product review: The soaps smell lovely and I can't wait to try them out!
2008-10-11 09:46:59
When purchased:
Sep 25, 2008
Item:Yuzu Soap
Customer service:Super fast shipping, quick to respond to inquiries, and she's very friendly.
Product review: I ordered Yuzu soap, Pumpkin Crunch soap, a wooden soap deck and a loofa and terry cloth pad. I have to say that I am very impressed with all the products and the packaging. Everything smells so good. She even included an extra bar of soap. Will definitely do business with her again.
2008-09-29 05:11:04
When purchased:
Jun 30, 2008
Item:Lemon Mist Soap
Customer service:Great customer service
Product review: This soap is so yummy. Seriously. I need to buy more...
2008-09-25 11:42:27
When purchased:
Jul 3, 2008
Item:Goats Milk Soap - Sleepy Time Castile
Customer service:fast shipping
Product review: all soaps are lovely. well made and scents are not too strong. would buy from again.
2008-08-04 08:50:21
When purchased:
Jul 19, 2008
Item:Yuzu Soap
Customer service:excellent - shipping was immediate.
Product review: The soaps smell divine. We haven't used them yet but my husband was very impressed with their scent and packaging.
2008-08-03 12:51:32
When purchased:
Apr 28, 2008
Item:Flavored Lip Balms-Cotton Candy, Strawberry-Lime, Coconut
Customer service:Fast shipping, super friendly!
Product review: Absolutely love all my Baby Bird Bath Works lip balms. They are my favorite WAHM ones!
2008-07-02 03:00:15
When purchased:
May 16, 2008
Item:FFS Lottery-Strawberry-Lime Lip Balm
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: All I can say is YUM! I noticed in the ingredients that she added natural sweetener and I know that's gotta be because you just want to lick your lips all the time!
2008-07-02 02:49:10
When purchased:
May 18, 2008
Item:1/2 HC$ Auction-Spend More Get More
Customer service:Merna is wonderful to work with and ships quickly!
Product review: I received soaps, bath bombs and a lip balm! I am more than pleased with my purchases. Everything smells wonderful and was packaged very well! I will definitely be back!
2008-05-22 07:44:22
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