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Return Policy
Custom made items are non-returnable unless defective.
Pre-made items are returnable with 60 days.  Only in un-used/new condition.
You will be refunded for the product, minus the shipping.
Yarn is returnable only un-knit and unwound (unless I wound it for you).
You will be refunded for the product, minus the shipping.
Custom dyed yarn is non-returnable unless defective.
Please let me know if you would like your package insured.  I package my products to the best of my ability and am not responsible for items lost in the mail.  All packages come with delivery confirmation, but insurance is extra (I only charge what the PO charges me).
Hand-knits are very hard to measure accurately after they have been made.  To ensure the most accurate measurements, I check my gauge before knitting all projects and double check when I am done.  I measure how many stitches I make per 1" and how many rows per 1" and knit to your measurements accordingly.
Please do not measure you custom items when you receive them and assume the measurements are off.  Knits get misshapen easily and are impossible to measure accurately after the fact.
Ribbing is the most tricky of all to measure.  It pulls in making a snug fit, but stretches to fit for a long time.  If I made the ribbing to match your measurements exactly, it would swallow your child.  It will look at least 2-4" smaller than your child's measurements, but that is fine, don't worry.

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