Hand Knit Treasures and Knitting Patterns.


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All of these wonderful ladies have been approved to sell from my patterns.  They all do stunning work, you'll be pleased!

Adorabubble Britches Official Sellers
Little Bear Knitwear
One Big Happy
Knits N Bits
Wooly Butt
Wool Creations
Ewe Booty
Yellow Orchid Designs
Little Bo-Peep Knits
Donna Sharpe
ELC Knits
Mary's Little Knits
Christi Walters
Full Earth's-Hand-made bath and body and handknits.
P Pees
Toothless Grinz
Creatively Ewe

Turtle Butt Official Sellers

Knits N Bits
Wooly Butt
Christi Walters
One Big Happy
Union Center Knits

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