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As you've probably guessed, I love to knit! I taught myself how to knit while pregnant with my second child (I learned how to crochet with the first). I had gotten very good at crocheting, but all the patterns I liked were knit. I didn't know anyone who knew how to knit and at the time there were no classes in my area so I just bought a book, some needles and yarn and knit a baby blanket. I'm pretty ambitious so my second project was a baby sweater. I loved the versatility of knitting, if I could imagine it, I could knit it. A couple of my high school teachers quit teaching to open the coolest yarn store I had ever seen. I was in there weekly drooling over the most beautiful yarns that I never knew existed. They loved my work and asked me to knit for them. They would provide the yarn and I would provide the sweater. They displayed the sweaters I made for a year and then they were mine to keep. That helped pay for my yarn obsession! Eventually they asked me to help teach the Knitting 101 class which I took over after the first class.
Then, to my dismay, my husband's military job took us to San Antonio, Texas. After much prayer and much seeking, God laid the most perfect job in the world for me in my lap. I became the assistant to a knitwear fashion designer of Norsah Knits. She would come to me with her ideas and I would help her turn them into something tangible. I loved it! She encouraged me to start my own business selling my products and patterns. Sadly, the military called us to Louisiana, so I had to leave yet another perfect job.
Now I've combined my love of teaching knitting and creating beautiful knitwear into this website. As some of my patterns have difficult stitches, I've created tutorials in hopes that even beginners can recreate my sweaters. I hope to soon be able to offer more tutorials to help all levels of knitters and soon-to-be-knitters. If you love my sweaters but don't want to knit, I'll knit one for you! Seriously, me knitting a sweater for you is like paying me to eat chocolate! I take pride in my work and use only the finest yarns. My sweaters are knit with as few seams as possible and are shaped to fit well. They will hold up to much abuse. My hopes are that these sweaters will become heirlooms in your family.

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