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owl pendant-olive green owl pendant-olive green
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metaphysically, glass carries energy of transformation, focus, communication & rebirth. merging of the elements. helpful when trying to reinvent ones self to overcoming old patterns in order to bring something new into ones life. a natural energy amplifier as well as blocker. known to have a reflective properties, uesful to reflect any type of energy back to it’s sender. also a good tool to have on hand when doing energy work, to reflect energy & amp up protective energy around you. colors of glass vibrate specific color energies.

owl teaches us to look into the darkest parts of our souls,  learn from this darkness, unmask & see what is truly beneath the surface.  owl is keenly aware of its surroundings. their ability to move unnoticed teaches us how to do the same.  with their spectral senses, having almost supernatural eyesight & supernatural hearing, the owl helps guide us through the dark tunnels of fear, change & unknowing to the light at the other end. owl people generally are private complex people & don’t like others to know what they are really thinking. at times, this can cause misinterpretations, especially in personal relationships. born with this power, owl people often have clairvoyant & psychic abilities & have chosen a path that implies a need to develop these gifts for the aid of others. by ina woolcott (http://www.shamanicjourney.com/owl-power-animal-symbol-of-wisdom-stealth-secrecy-part-ii)

greens* healing, regeneration, compassion. harmony with nature, earth love. direction, decision making from the heart as opposed to the intellect (ego -yellow).the feeling side of life. trust & faith in love, generosity. a depth of beingness - giving ourselves space so we can give others theirs.

red* urge & promise for spiritual awakening in a physical form. as the hottest ray likened to the ability of a blazing flame or fire, to either purify or transubstantiate. symbolizes base emotions & survival,  power, energy, life-force itself.

indications of meaning for stones are for entertainment purposes only, not to be used in place of medical treatment.

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owl pendant-olive green
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