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white pearl, heart pendant with pink floral art deco glass white pearl, heart pendant with pink floral art deco glass
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pearl* calmness, centeredness, promote faith, loyalty, truth, purity& enhance personal integrity. promotes faith, charity & integrity, especially personal integrity. due to its watery and lunar elements, it is quite balancing for the emotions, especially to water signs. helps one connect with the ultimate goddess,feminine energy.

metaphysically, glass carries energy of transformation, focus, communication & rebirth. merging of the elements. helpful when trying to reinvent ones self to overcoming old patterns in order to bring something new into ones life. a natural energy amplifier as well as blocker. known to have a reflective properties, uesful to reflect any type of energy back to itís sender. also a good tool to have on hand when doing energy work, to reflect energy & amp up protective energy around you. colors of glass vibrate specific color energies.

pink* unconditional love & caring .light of life consciousness white* transparency, reflection, ability to mirror, recognize ourselves. reflection of all the color rays, determination, compassion; "pearl in the oyster" ,beauty is released from the passages of sometimes hard life experiences so we can come into crystal clear awareness of our awareness. purification, karmic absolution& the height of ascension. ability through compassion to forgive others & ourselves. expansion, clarity, integrity, honesty, simplicity, truth, moon energies.

indications of meaning for stones are for entertainment purposes only, not to be used in place of medical treatment.

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