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When purchased:
May 9, 2013
Item:Diaper Doubler
Pink Microfleece & Hemp
Free US Shipping
Customer service:Quick response!
Product review: great product!
2013-06-04 11:25:54
When purchased:
Mar 24, 2013
Item:Women's Underwear
Women's Dundies
Lucky Day
Size 8
Free US Shipping
Customer service:
Product review: Love the Dundies!
2013-04-03 04:39:52
When purchased:
May 25, 2012
Item:Women's Underwear
Women's Dundies
Bright Flowers
Size 8
Free Shipping
Customer service:Amazing. Loved the packaging and the little extra personal touch. Explains why Zany Zebra has the wonderful reputation that it does :)
Product review: Professional quality with the WAHM touch! Perfect... now I need a pair for every day of the week :)
2012-06-03 07:08:09
When purchased:
Apr 12, 2012
Item:*HC$ - BIN*
Size 4
Custom Applique Shirt
Customer service:fast and great. thanks for the HC$ day listing
Product review: perfect and cute
2012-05-11 06:32:39
When purchased:
Apr 12, 2012
Item:*HC$ - BIN*
Size 6
Custom Applique Shirt
Customer service:Super!!! Very easy to work with, told her what I wanted and was very pleased!! Thanks for participating in HC$ day!!
Product review: Love the shirt. Haven't used it yet because it is a birthday shirt, but I'm sure it will be great!! Will probably look into getting more:)
2012-05-08 06:39:40
When purchased:
Oct 18, 2011
Item:All in Two Cloth Diaper
Free Shipping

Customer service:A++++++
Product review: love this product! perfect fit1
2011-10-31 12:49:14
When purchased:
Dec 5, 2010
Item:Women's Underwear
Women's Dundies
Sweet Strawberries
Size 8
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Great fit and so comfortable! And such a fun print! :)
2011-03-19 12:47:53
When purchased:
Feb 28, 2011
Item:Children's Dundies - Size 6
Breakfast Time
Customer service:Timely shipping, and everything is always packaged well.
Product review: The dundies are perfect. They're adorable and the sewing is great. Thanks!
2011-03-08 09:04:26
When purchased:
Jan 24, 2011
Item:Women's Underwear
Women's Dundies
Blue Bubbles
Size 10
Customer service:Great Seller - thanks so much for your prompt shipping & good communication!
Product review: This Dundie print is one of my favorites--super cute! THANK YOU!
2011-02-02 11:44:59
When purchased:
Nov 21, 2010
Item:Think Pink!
Women's Dundies Size 8
25% to Susan G. Komen
Customer service:Record fast shipping.
High Quality Construction.
Product review: Perfect fit.
No wedgie underwear...finally.

I love my Dundies!
2010-11-28 10:55:13
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:Women's Dundies Size 8
Ocean Bubbles
Customer service:Great communication & quick turn around. Beautiful!
Product review:
2010-11-05 03:45:37
When purchased:
Sep 30, 2010
Item:Appliquéd Shirt - 2T
Blub Blub
Customer service:Excellent. Arrived quickly for international mail.
Product review: Wow! A gorgeous goldfish in a bowl t-shirt. It will go perfectly with my DS's Dashing Dachs Caribbean Goldfish longies. Thank you so much. :-D
2010-10-22 07:51:46
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:Women's Dundies Size 8
Scuba Fun
Customer service:Quick shipping.
Product review: Well made. I'm happy with my purchase.
2010-10-01 02:35:40
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:*HC$-BIN* Sapphire XS
Hand-Dyed Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Very friendly. Fast shipping.
Product review: Super squishy, super soft fluffy diaper. So cute and tiny, can't wait to have a little one to put in it. THANKS
2010-09-27 07:16:37
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:*HC$-BIN* Appliquéd Shirt - 12-18 mos
Chick Magnet
Customer service:Fast shipping. Such a generous offer.
Product review: Great sewing. Such a perfect design. Love it!
2010-09-27 06:39:07
When purchased:
Jun 8, 2010
Item:Women's Dundies - Size 10
Pink Giraffes
Customer service:Great cs, good communication, worked fast to make me an extra pair, shipped fast.
Product review: Fantastic, great fit, brilliant workmomship!
2010-07-11 06:36:32
When purchased:
Apr 23, 2010
Item:Mama's Treat
Custom Dundies!
Customer service:super mama to work with, great communication!
Product review: wonderful product, highly recommended!
2010-06-03 07:49:12
When purchased:
Jan 29, 2010
Item:Dundies by Zany Zebra
Pink with Warm Stripes
Customer service:Excellent! Very fast shipping!!
Product review: These were for a swap, and my partner loved them!! Very well made and cute too! I will be back to snag some I get to keep next time.
2010-05-10 11:59:01
When purchased:
Feb 13, 2010
Item:Shy Gnome
Customer service:amazingly beautiful fast shipping
Product review:
2010-02-23 09:52:32
When purchased:
Jun 11, 2009
SALE - 30% off
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: We love Patsy thank you AmySue for creating her.Waiting to catch a custom slot!
2009-06-23 10:53:19
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