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All sizes are approximate since babies range in body type.  Please try the diaper on your little one before washing to ensure a good fit.
One Size-10-35+

Fleece Soakers- Katrina's Sew Quick Pattern

Small r-15", w-13"-15", thigh-7"-8"

Medium r-17", w-15"-17", thigh-9"-10"

Large r-19", w-17"-19", thigh-10"-11"

XLarge r-20.5", w-19"-20.5", thigh-11"-13"

Longies/Shorties(Inseam made to order)-  Katrina's Sew Quick pattern

Small-Rise 15 Waist 13-15 Hip 17

Medium-Rise 17 Waist 15-17 Hip 19

Large-Rise 19 Waist 17-19 Hip 21

XL-Rise 21 Waist 19-21 Hip 23

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