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Return policy:  Please try these on your child before washing.  You have 7 days to get a full refund.  After they are washed returns are not granted for sanitary reasons.  If for any reason the workmanship of any of these items fails or is not up to standard please contact me and I will do my best to correct it.  This will be on a case to case basis.  Normal wear and washing does not count in workmanship defects since all wash routines are different.  Also please note that not all fabric is for all babies.  Not just with my diapers but with all diapers.  Each child is different with which fabrics best suit their diapering needs.  Snaps and elastic are guaranteed for the life of the diaper, repairs are free for those.  You pay shipping to return to me and I will pay shipping back to you.  I am a WAHM not a factory machine so there may be human error.  Please contact me before leaving negative feedback.  Customer service is just as important to me as the product itself.  I want you to love my products just as much as I do.  Thanks and enjoy your fluff:)

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