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What Customers are Saying...

I used to use fitteds and AIO's because I was scared of pins, and didn't know what a snappi was! So I saw a post talking about Tushie Ties, and thought to myself, that is perfect!! So I ordered only one, just in case I didn't like them, or couldn't get them to fit right....... And I absolutely love them!! They are soooo easy to use, especially for a prefold newbie!! And they're made of bamboo velor, the yummiest, squishiest material out there!! They have a ribbon on the front, and loops on the sides to tie them on just like a bow!! Absolutely Genius!!!!! I can't wait to buy more!!

~Erica, MI~


i have 2 on the way and i have NEVER been this excited about fluffy mail!

~Jenny, TX~


I'm so excited too, I have 12 on the way and can't wait to get them.

~Michelle, Canada~


I've been waiting for my try out one too, it looks So Easy, i just dont want to Snappi or Pin either ;p



I'm STOKED to get mine!!! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 of them!!! I'm getting a goldfish one & a monkey one! I think they're soooo cute & such a GREAT idea!!! If I love these, I can just tell where all my birthday & Christmas money will be going!!!

~KJ, IN~


Those are the coolest thing I have ever seen What a great idea!!!

~Amy, TX~


Crystal is such a sweetie and I think her take on the OBV PF is just great! She uses grosgrain ribbon to hold it closed so you don't need to be a wiz with a pin or risk a Snappi coming off (not that Snappi's work on the OBV anyway, right?).

~Nickie, WA~

(Nickie knits covers, visit her at http://hyenacart.com/nickienutknits/


Those are so cute, I guess it's something else I have to add to the "buy before baby gets here" list.

~Jessica, FL~

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