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Tushie Ties were conceived in 2007 out of a personal need for a cloth diaper for my daughter. I had tried many different cloth diapers and while I loved cloth diapering, found I needed something more. I fell in love with the fabric Bamboo Velour. Its anitbacterial properties were a love from the start. It helped cut down on rashes and kept her skin comfortable and had a dry feeling as opposed to cotton.  I liked the simple prefolds, but they had to be snappied or pinned and I wasn't a fan of that. For one Id always lose my snappis and forget pinning, I just wasn't good at it. Snapping diapers had their draw backs for us. The snaps often left hot spots on my baby's belly and daddy often was confused by all those snaps. So the challenge was to create a baby,mama and daddy friendly cloth diaper. Tushie Ties are eco friendly, naturally antibacterial, and easy to use.  There is no need for snappis or pins and no snaps or velcro. Thus no snap hot spots on babies skin or any extra accessories to buy or risk losing. No loud and annoying velcro to stick to your other diapers in the wash or wake baby during a night change.

 The ribbon simply slips through the slits and ties at the front. Tushie ties are as pretty as a package on your new baby.

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