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Negative comment
When purchased:
Mar 29, 2013
Item:One size rainbow dots & teal fleece Diaper Cover
Customer service:Bought 3 weeks ago, received no item, no status update on purchase, no communication, or response when contacted. Not sure whats up!
Product review:
2013-04-19 11:14:03
Buyer resolution: I had to file a claim in paypal and was returned my payment. Unfortunately without any response or communication from seller.
2013-05-21 08:36:48
When purchased:
Jul 3, 2012
Item:One size Purple Owl & purple velour pocket diaper
Customer service:Prompt Shipping
Product review: LOve this diaper, its trim and beautifully made, it fits my chunky 7.5 month great! Definite recommend!
2012-07-09 01:24:16
When purchased:
Jul 29, 2011
Item:One size Bambi Purple velour pocket
Customer service:Super fast shipping!
Product review: Nice diaper, beautiful print, good quality!
2011-08-04 01:06:53
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2011
Item:Custom one size pocket diaper
Customer service:Awesome
Product review: This is my second custom diaper and I LOVE them!! Hold up great to my son's explosions and have a wonderful fit:)

I'd recommend these diapers to everyone!
2011-04-23 01:19:49
When purchased:
Mar 18, 2011
Item:Custom one size pocket diaper
Customer service:Wonderful seller, was prompt and polite. Shipped everything with care and attention to detail.
Product review: Beautiful diaper with amazing fabric feel and color.
2011-03-23 03:27:42
When purchased:
Mar 18, 2011
Item:Custom one size pocket diaper
Customer service:Awesome service, didn't have any issues and the seller did everything as stated, only faster and with 100% accuracy.
Product review: Excellent diaper, love the colors and the feel of the fabric. Works wonderfully.
2011-03-23 03:25:49
When purchased:
Mar 13, 2011
Item:Red Dinosaur One size fleece diaper cover
Customer service:Emily is awesome! I love being able to support her WAHM business by buying and receiving very well made diapers.
Product review: I loved my diapers - they fit a little snuggly on my 25+ lb 5 month old, but that was to be expected. I still see a lot of potential for growing room. We haven't had any leaks and I feel that Tiny Heiney is a company I will be able to order from for a while down the road.
2011-03-20 10:49:58
When purchased:
Mar 4, 2011
Customer service:Emily is incredibly professional, quick to be helpful and super fast at getting orders shipped!
Product review: Recently received a custom made pocket diaper and absolutely LOVE it! It's super adorable and held up perfectly to a very full, diarrhea, explosive poop!! Thank you SO much!! Now we're waiting on a custom cover and can't wait for it to arrive!
2011-03-04 09:05:19
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