About KCK One diapers

I really love the KCK One diapers.  They are my favorite after many years of diapering and I'll tell you why.
  • They are a cloth diaper so they save tons of money and are so much better for the environment!
  • They are a one size diaper that fits newborn through 40 pound children so the diaper will grow with your child. 
  • The diaper can be as trim as you like.  You can start with a thin microfiber insert and if you have a heavy wetter or for overnight diapers simply add another insert.
  • The diapers are easy on/easy off.  This makes it perfect for when you have someone else taking care of your baby.  No long explanations to Grandma or daycare.
  • The inside is made of a stay-dry fabric.  Moisture is wicked to the insert and kept away from your baby's delicate skin.  Also, the fabric used makes most messy diapers super easy to clean as it doesn't sink in.\
  • These diapers don't leak!  
If you'd like to read some more feedback and learn more about KCK One diapers, please click here to visit the KCK One home page.

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