Welcome to The Pampered Tush where we create handmade,clothing items for babies, toddlers, and children using high quality bamboo, wool, cotton and organic cotton. Please visit my Etsy shop for more selection. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePamperedTush


Thanks for visiting The Pampered Tush. Iím Wendy and I live in Maryland with my husband of 36 yrs, my daughter, and my granddaughter.

The Pampered Tush came about when my granddaughter began potty training. I wasnít satisfied with the training pants available in the stores. After much research, I stumbled upon a whole new world of cloth diapering; way more stylish than when I used diaper pins and cloth on my 3 children.

I searched for trainers and after trying numerous patterns, I discovered the pattern for the Ditto Daddy Trainers. After becoming licensed to make and sell Ditto Daddy Trainers, I decided to open The Pampered Tush.

After switching from disposables to cloth diapers and then cloth trainers, my granddaughter realized she was wet and asked to use the potty. She was potty trained after just a few weeks.

The Pampered Tush is growing. In addition to the Ditto Daddy Trainers, I am an approved Fattycake diaper maker, make and embroider a variety of wool covers, and I am working on a new line of toddler panties. My goal is to make comfortable, eco friendly, and affordable diapers, covers, trainers, and panties. I will also offer a line of all bamboo products in the near future.
Everything offered by The Pampered Tush is handmade by me.  All fabric is pre-washed to prevent shrinkage of the final product. A lot of thought goes into each item I make, from what fabric and trim, to what style to create. I hope you enjoy all the items you purchase as much as I did making them!
Please contact me wendy@thepamperedtush.com with any questions or comments.

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