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Girasol Exclusive Avalon Rainbow Herringbone Weft
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The first Girasol Exclusive at The Blueberry Tree,
Avalon Rainbow!

Thin stripes (approximately 1 cm wide) in rainbow fashion each separated by even thinner stripes (approximately 1/4 cm) of "Crema de Nube", a soft creamy white. Weft is in "Crema de Nube".  Pattern repeats approximately four times.

  • Girasol wraps are made with only untreated pure cotton, which is neither prebleached, nor chemically trimmed.
  • There is no use of Formaldehyde, halogenorganic compounds, aromatic amine or optical brighteners.
  • There is no further chemical treatment or glaze.
  • Our selected weavers master the special diagonal weaving technique, which guarantees the slings elasticity and durability.
  • A doubled seam prevents the edges from pinching.
  • You can wash the sling at 60 Celsius in a washing machine.
  • The slings are given extra length to compensate for shrinking, which happens to untreated cotton.

There is no charge for shipping via USPS Priority within the USA or via First Class to Canada. International shipping options are detailed on our Squint Print page.

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Girasol Exclusive Avalon Rainbow Herringbone Weft
Girasol Exclusive Avalon Rainbow Herringbone Weft
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